We are lazy.

Sorry we havebeen so lazy with this. We are getting a desktop computer soon so I will be able to update this on a regular basis. So much has happened recently and I am excited to sahre it with all of you. Talk to you soon.


So our laundry room was a mess and Matt couldn't take it anymore so he built some shelves to help me. There were so many things in the room it covered the entire living room. Now our laundry room serves three different functions. Thanks honey you did a wonderful job. I also got rid of alot of junk. It is good organize things even if it is a pain the butt!!!

One of the major gifts that we got for the kids was a bigger trampline. My dad bought Austin a small tramplone for the kids two year ago but now the kids are getting older and so Matt and I bought a bigger one. The kids helped Matt put it together and we took out all the gifts and played with them. Look at them work hard for their daddy.

Newitts Christmas

So the tree was so pretty and for some reason I can't get the picture to turn. Well we opended presents and ate a wonderful dinner.
The highlights of the presents was a carpet shampooer, shoes, clothes, and lots of toys. We are very blessed to have both families so near to us.

What did Santa Bring?

Okay so here we go. For the first time in seven years we came home for Christmas. The kids were able to walk down stairs and see everything. Matt made pancakes, eggs and sausage for everyone. We were able to see all the gifts from everyone. . Orrin got a rocking horse from the Wellys and other fun toys.
So Megan got her mermaid and princess shoes, Austin got his Lego Indiana Jones video games and his sword, and Orrin got a lawn mower. The kids got Matt a box of Moon Pies. He enjoyed the box. Merry Christmas.

Austin Opening up Presents

Austin was another child that was excited to open up gifts. He was able to get a Batman toy, Leap Frog pen. This thing is very cool. He takes this pen and reads books. He really likes to use it. There were lots of books to choose from as well. The last thing that I was excited to see was the dinosaur. These suckers were fun to play with at Target and we paly with it every day. I thought Megan would be scared of it but guess again. The dinosaur came with a bone and she love to put it in his mouth. Austin and Orrin play so much.

Orrin was sleeping so he didn't open. Matt ended up getting his gun, ( he has wanted this gun for four years) and the new guitar hero (Aerosmith). I received new bed sheets (1000 thread count), silverware(I had literally 5 spoons left), and of course lots of fabric stuff. We are very blessed family.

Megan opening up presents

Megan was so excited to open presents. I know she wanted to start the whole computer thing. When we were at the Jones home Megan found Taylor's princess computer she would not let it go. So What a great signal to get her for Christmas. She loves it. The other thing I was excited for her to open was her dolls house. Taylor has been giving little houses to Megan and boy she was in heaven. So Debbie said that she had it taken care of. She also received baby dolls. So Megan was quite excited about her Christmas. So what do 2 year olds want to? Open it up and play. Thank goodness for Brooke and helping her open up her babies. Taylor also wanted to play since she was awake. The three grand daughters playing with babies. I thought it was really cute.

Christmas Socks

So my sweet sister in law Jackie went and bought these socks for all the girls. I thought they were funny looking which was the whole reason to have them. My mom used to buy me these socks for the holidays so I was happy to wear them. Debbies were different because she is the Grandma. I think Sarah or Niki wanted to take a picture of all the socks. Don't they look pretty hun? This should be a tradition every year.

Christmas Eve program & opening up stockings

Every year the Wellys have some type of a program to spend time together. Usually every family has ten min. to spend so there is a variety.That has always been stressful because trying to come up with something for small and big kids can be difficult. So yeah Debbie took the ranes and got the kids seated on a blanket and read a story about the meaning of the candy cane. I loved the story and then each child got a treat. Then Chuck wanted to tell the story from the Bible about baby Jesus being born and how grateful that he lived her on earth. The kids weren't all into that but I enjoyed hearing the stroy again. It is a story that I never get tired of. Debbie did something different with the stockings. All the kids got a new magnidudles. I think that is was it was. They enjoyed what ever it was. It kept them busy for a little while.

Christmas Eve

I love going to the Wellys for Christmas Eve dinner the food it always so ymmy. Debbie is such a great cook. I think every once in a while that I was a bettter cook (Matt would probably agree). She always has these great bottled sodas with jut great food. Tyler and Erica the stil newlyweds were there with the family gathering. It was fun to see them while we were there. Debbie really our did herself with all the treat and cookies and we are of course.

Sleeping at Grandma's house

For the Burris Family Christmas Party the kids got into the costumes that Grandma has in her toy room. Megan got a little into the princess dress. She wouldn't even take the the crown off. She even wanted to wear the shoes in the bed. I thought that was kind of funny. The party was fun. We got to see many of the Burris family. It was great to see Bill and Becky and their daughters. The Brimhalls were also so cute in their Christmas shirts. It was great seeing all to see all of them.

Megan's Preschool Christmas Party

So Heidi and Sherry, Megan's preschool teacher were also very smart in their party not giving the kids tons of candy. As I went to pick Megan up I noticed they had Santa show up there. Megan was so scared to go by Santa until I got there. Then she decided to give Santa a try. So this whole time Megan has been asking for Princess stuff. So When Santa asked Megan what she wanted Megan stated, "I want a mermaid." Yes I was shocked. Did Megan even know what a Mermaid was? I asked her, "Do you even know what a mermaid looks like and where they live?" Her statement was, " yes they have fins and live in the water." Again I was very shocked and figuring out very fast that I needed to find one very quick. Then Santa asked if there was anything else she wanted. She stated that she wanted another baby. I told her that she already had many of them and then she said, "Yeah my baby and blanket in here in many backpack. Do you want to see it?" She pulls around her backpack to open it up to show Santa. She says, "it is righ there." I was laughing and just wanted to get going. After Megan saying Merry Christmas to Santa and getting her into the car. She stated, "Mommy I like that Santa. That was Mr. Aaron." She knew the entire time that it was Mr. Aaron helping Santa out. I told her that Mr. Aaron was one of Santa special helpers. She was very happy to know that.

Austin's class Christmas party

Austin's preschool class had a special Christmas party. The teachers to have the kids watch the Polar Express. They wasnted everything to be like the movie so they had the kids wear their pjs, and they drank hot cholocate and ate popcorn. The teachers printed out their golden ticket and and punched holes in it with differnt words. At the end they had a Santa Claus come into the classroom and Santa gave each child a bell. Along with a book. The kids were so exctied to see Santa and just their facial expression was amazement. Austin enjoyed telling Santa that he want Lego Indiana Jones video game. Since his cousins had that video game he wanted to play that game more often. Needless to say it was a fun party not filled with tons of candy!!! Yeah!!


Gingerbread house

So my parents bought all of my brothers a bingerbread house. My kids were not feeling great that night so we decided to take it home and do it family homw evening. The kids had been asking THE WHOLE day on when we were going to make it. When Matt got homw boy were they spazing. Orrin actually stayed up to eat all the candy that fell on the floor. Megan and Austin decorated the roof and Matt the decorator in out family wanted to outline the windows and doors. He did a great job. Megan wanted all the stars and she took her time with it. I was impressed with Austin that he took his time. So here is the gingerbread house. Mom and dad thanks for the house it was lot of fun.



Preschool Thanksgiving party

Austin's preschool class did a Thanksgiving dinner. His teachers were really on top of it by having the children make the decorations and costumes. The parents brought in most of the food and the kids were excited to eat food for their snack time. Austin opted to be the indian rather than the pilgrim. He liked the feathers. He is the oldest in his class so most of the children watch what he does nad for the most part the class room was filled with indians. When he decided to put the pilgrims costume on the other kids did so after. I hope everyone had fun.